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2015 Thiess Spaghetti Bridge Building Competition


​On Thursday 6 August, eight Year 8 and 9 students (accompanied by Dr Pang) took the train to Southbank TAFE to participate in this year’s Thiess Spaghetti Bridge Competition, the first time we have been involved. 

The students had to design and build a bridge spanning 35 cm using only spaghetti and glue, with a maximum mass of 300 grams.  The object of the activity was to see how much weight the bridge could hold before it failed.

Year 8 Spaghetti Bridge Building Team
The Year 8 Bridge weighed 251 g and held 5.6 kg before it failed.
The team consisted of Ben-Jack Chitty, Ethan Khoury, Declan Taylor, Charlie.
Year 9 Spaghetti Bridge Building Team
 The Year 9 Bridge also weighed 251 g and held 7.9 kg before it failed.
 The team consisted of Jasper, Joel, Lily, Tara.

The winning bridge for Australia weighed 300 g and held 194 kg.  Whilst our teams were not close to the winner, we have learnt valuable theory and skills which will place us in a much better position for next year’s competition.