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​Wynnum State High School is amending our Use of Personal Technology Devices at School Policy. 

The policy is being replaced by the Personal Digital Device Policy. 

This new policy has been introduced to
increase learning outcomes and to combat the problems associated with inappropriate behaviour on digital
platforms – stalking, bullying, sexual harassment, the sending of inappropriate text messages, emails, calls and photo distribution.

The policy will become effective from the beginning of Term 1, 2020.

The policy has been enacted because:

  • learning outcomes are increased when students are actively engaged in the learning and not distracted by personal digital devices.
  • the school’s duty of care to all students is compromised by unregulated use of personal digital devices.
  • the use of personal digital device cameras/videos invade students’ and staff members’ right to privacy.
  • inappropriate internet sites cannot be blocked by the school on personal digital devices using cellular networks.
  • students and staff have a right not to have their image recorded or viewed by other people.

Please see the policy ​for more information.