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Year 7 Camp - Girls

​Year 7 Camp - Girls
Our story begins on 17th February when the fabulous Year 7 girls, went on school camp.  Their jou

rney began by boarding a bus. After a long and perilous trip filled with tears cascading from girls watching ‘Red Dog’ and being inspired by the ‘Sapphires’. We arrived at Emu Gully Adventure Camp where we were split into three groups: Alpha, Bravo and Charlie.
One of the challenges the groups had to face was the Malayan Campaign 1, where the girls took on the role of the Allied Forces struggling through the Malayan jungles in heavy artillery trucks. In this activity the girls learned to trust each other by letting another girl drive them through the winding track and challenging obstacles in buggies which was a new experience for many of the group.
The next challenge they had to face was the Malayan Campaign 2 where our girls had to ride push bikes through a small, rugged track to a shallow billabong where they had to create a bridge from four heavy blistering hot aluminium pontoons and six long aluminium walkways. One of our groups, Alpha, completed this task successfully.
The final day-lit challenge was Templeton’s Crossing which is a replica of probably the most
challenging part of the Kokoda Track. This trail involved sticky, wet mud which most girls fell into. This activity involved tremendous amounts of teamwork and co-operation as we lugged boxes of ammunition to the front line.
The adventure did not stop when night fell we had plenty to do like setting up our tents, cooking our food and more activities.  There were four night activities; one was making a bridge with two planks and two logs and getting everyone across without being hit into the water by sand bags being swung at us; the second one was crawling through a dark tunnel; the third was getting everyone across the billabong on a small boat; and the last activity was a giant slide where each group had five minutes to slide down as many times as they could.  There was also the dam where there was a rope swing and a jumping tower.
All round we had an amazing time!
Ava and Amy
Year 7 students