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Year 7 History Excursion

​During the last week of Term One, on 26th and 27th March, 100 of our eager Year 7 Humanities students were invited to attend the Ancient Mummies: exploring ancient lives exhibition at the Queensland Museum. Six mummies from the period 3000 to 1800 BC and 200 artefacts from the Egyptian collection of the British Museum were on display, allowing our students to discover how embalming took place through visualisations based on CT scans of the mummies and what life along the Nile Valley was like. The ancient texts, coffins, masks, jewellery and funerary objects were fascinating.
Each student was able to explore and study objects and real human remains at the exhibition revealing detailed information about the lives, beliefs and practices of the ancient Egyptians. At the time students were studying ancient Egypt in their history classes and benefited from this fantastic cultural experience. It was amazing to see the stunned and awed faces of these apprentice historians as they roamed around the exhibition, diligently filling in their excursion booklets with information and facts about these ancient artefacts.
Highlights from the museum’s collection included the ‘smelling station’ where students were able to identify and smell the different types of substances used to help mummify these ancient bodies; looking at the magical purposes of ancient Egyptian amulets in the mummification process; learning about ancient death and disease that afflicted the ancient Egyptians; and last, but not least, the many ancient mummies that were on display for study.
This was a ‘once in a lifetime’ opportunity for our Year 7s – one they hopefully remember in years to come.
Emilie Bertsch