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The 7 Stages of Grieving - Review

On Thursday 26 March, 27 excited Year 9 and 10 Drama students took the 9:28 am train into South Brisbane to see a performance of the play The 7 Stages of Grieving by the Queensland Theatre Company along with The Grin & Tonic Theatre Troupe at Billie Brown Studio. This modern Australian, one woman play that has been performed around the world for 20 years was performed by the lovely actress Chenoa Deemal and directed by Jason Klarwein.  The 7 Stages of Grieving was co-written by Enoch Wesley and Deborah Mailman which you may recognize as being in The Sapphires. 

The show started in complete darkness, even the emergency exit signs had their blinds on, with words such as ‘pain’, ‘sorrow’, ‘loss’ and ‘numb’ being said over the speakers by a woman’s voice. This darkness was an intriguing yet very frightening way to capture the audiences’ attention and to start off the performance as it allowed the audiences’ mind to wander into their own imagination for wherever these words took them.
Then there were very light footsteps heard on the stage and glow in the dark blue pebbles began appearing onto the stage and a circle was formed. The lights then dimly retuned to the stage and a rollercoaster of emotions and lots of stories to be shared began. 
The performance ran for approximately 50 minutes and Chenoa was constantly talking and moving about the stage this whole time. We were amazed at how she remembered all her lines and cues with only three weeks of rehearsal.  Her acting was phenomenal, the way her emotions changed from happy to angry to heartbroken, filled with highs and many lows. The 7 Stages of Grieving was hilarious, educational and nevertheless, sad. It definitely made many of us in the audience tear up.  We felt all of these emotions throughout the stories the woman had to tell us, and all under an hour. To sum this production up in one word, if that is even possible, was incredibly moving and we would hands down recommend it to anyone. You just have to witness it to see how tremendous it really was.
Year 12 FTM Excursion
Recently the Year 12 Film, Television and New Media students had the privilege to go behind the scenes at ABC’s South Brisbane Studio. Over the course of an hour students were given a valuable insight into the world of journalism and digital news production. We were shown through the state-of-the-art newsroom, given exclusive access to multiple on-air radio studios and also were given the chance to see inside the main editing suite used to produce episodes for ABC’s rural television program Landline.
After a short lunch break the students also had the opportunity to visit South Bank Cineplex to view the independent horror-mystery It Follows that broke new ground in terms of box-office success and cinematography. All in all the students had a wonderful day, and experienced a wide range of media technologies and products.
Mr Shefford
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Last reviewed 08 May 2020
Last updated 08 May 2020