From the Principal

​Welcome to the 2017 school year!  We have enjoyed a smooth start with all students settling quickly into classroom work.  I would like to extend a special welcome to our new Year 7 students and parents. It was great to see many parents at the first assembly for the Year 7s on the first day. We look forward to developing close partnerships with parents and carers for the long secondary schooling journey ahead.
Our Year 12 students who graduated last year achieved some excellent results.  A Queensland Certificate of Education (QCE) was achieved by 99% of students.  This result is the combination of hard work by each student and the relentless support, follow-up and individualised monitoring by our wonderful teaching staff.  Our students achieving OP 1-15 was again high at 75% which is well above the school’s average over the past 7 years.
In our continuous effort to improve communication with our parents and the wider community, we are overhauling our website and Facebook page.  These complement our other communication techniques to ensure families are aware of the opportunities available to their student and up and coming events.  I strongly encourage you to access these resources.
This year our focus is on high expectations, quality teaching and learning and tracking student’s for success. Staff have been working over the past couple of weeks to explicitly teach the expectations of their classrooms and the school.  This ensures students know and understand what is expected of them and ensures a calm learning environment. Staff are also being encouraged to work collegially including sharing of strategies through observation and feedback.  This is an exciting opportunity for staff and will ensure consistent and engaging teacher practices are supporting your child’s learning here at Wynnum SHS.  Data is critical to inform teaching practice and support students in setting goals.  It is also used to celebrate achievements at key junctures throughout the year. A new innovation celebrating students’ academic achievement is the Wynnum Certificate of Education (WCE). Students who have achieved success in all subject areas and are worthy recipients of the WCE.
Attendance is critical to students accessing the content of their subjects. Here at Wynnum we are targeting 95% attendance with 100% of all absences explained.  What does this mean? This is the equivalent of no more than 10 days off in a school year or no more than 2.5 days per term. In the Senior School, failure to attend to this level can mean you put your course credit at risk. Those times that it can’t be avoided, to have time off, we expect that a parent or guardian contacts the school by phone, email, note or in person to acknowledge the student’s absence. At times where a student has unexplained absences you will be contacted by letter of or phone as a courtesy follow-up.  I appreciate your support in this matter.
I look forward to meeting as many new parents as possible as the year progresses and also connecting with our existing parents.  2017 is shaping up to be an exciting year and I wish you all the very best for a successful year ahead.
We’re Wynnum and We’re PROUD
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Last reviewed 08 May 2020
Last updated 08 May 2020