Port of Brisbane - Work Inspiration


Port of Brisbane – Work Inspiration

Years 10 and 11 students were given the opportunity to spend two days exploring career opportunities at the Port of Brisbane.  Port of Brisbane Pty Ltd organised this wonderful event, coordinating a variety of businesses within the Port to take time out of their busy schedule to speak with students about the career pathways available right on their door step.

The first day the students learnt about the role of the Port of Brisbane Pty Ltd, participated in a safety induction, learned what the Port of Brisbane was responsible for and how importation is vital to our country.  Students were then given a tour of the Port to see how many industries used this area; coal, wood chipping, cement, cars and container imports to name a few.  The day rounded out with a tour of the Chalmers facility.  Chalmers is a Transport and Logistic company who provide a wide variety of services such as container repair, handling and storage, stock handling, storage and control, transport and container wash.  Students had the opportunity to see how imported stock was assessed and handled as well as walk around the container park observing how stock is moved around.  Walking around the park watching the large forklifts - which have the ability to pick up two forty foot containers and stack them seven high - was amazing.
The second day students were privileged to have access to Patrick Logistic Tower, which oversees their whole operation and gives a fantastic view of the whole Port.  Students learnt how the use of their AutoStrads (which are operated by lasers) can move and stack containers within 2 cm accuracy.  Students were also able to learn of the different types of careers available: IT, forklift driver, mechanic, electrician, robotics and managerial.  After leaving Patricks Logistics they went on to hear about the importance of the bird roost and how the Port of Brisbane is dedicated to making an environmentally sound ecosystem around the Port.  Our last stop was the Small Craft and Marine Surveyors, where the students learnt how dredging of the river channels occurs, what a surveyor is responsible for, and the qualifications needed, and what was involved in becoming a Sea Captain.
All students agreed that there was a lot to take away from this experience. The variety of opportunities and diversity of career paths at the Port of Brisbane has given them all something to think about.  I would like to take this opportunity to firstly thank Edward Harwood from the Port of Brisbane who organised this excellent experience and the other companies for providing their time and knowledge: Chalmers, Patrick Logistics; Small Craft and Marine Surveyors and the Environmental team.
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Last reviewed 08 May 2020
Last updated 08 May 2020