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End of Term 2 Year 8 and Year 9 Interclass Challenges
Year 8 Science
Like every term, the Year 8 Science classes participated in an Interclass Spaghetti Bridge Building Competition, using only 300 grams of spaghetti and hot glue.
The aim was to bridge a space which would support the maximum of weight.  The bridges came in all shapes and designs and were tested by adding weights until they collapsed.
The winning team from 8B was Ben-Jack Chitty, Ethan Khoury, Charlie Forster and Cameron Blake. 
Members of this team are now entered into this year’s Thiess Spaghetti Bridge Building Competition. Congratulations to all the participants and get ready for the Term 3 Challenge -  “The Mouse Trap Racer Distance Race”.
Year 9 ScienceThis term the Year 9 Science classes participated in an Interclass Tower Building Challenge, where each group was given 13 sheets of A4 paper, 13 plastic straws, 3 metres of masking tape and a plastic lid from a take away food container.  They were then asked to design and build a tower at least 300 mm tall which would be able to hold the most weight.
A number of great designs were built and put forward from the students but the winning team came from 9A, comprising James Taylor, Brianna Clarkson, Paige Stockwell and Lily Fahey who built a tower able to hold over 16.8 kilograms.
Well done to all and we look forward to this term’s challenge.
Year 9 Students commence a STEM ProjectOn Friday 17th July, twelve Year 9 students accompanied by Mrs House visited the University of Queensland to experience university life and learn about this year’s STEM Project.  The topic this year is Light, the same theme as the National Science Week.
The students will now design and undertake an Extended Experimental Investigation at school and present it to a panel of judges at the Queensland Academy of Mathematics and Science in mid-September.  We know our students will do their best and present work of high quality in September.
Year 10 Students visit the University of QueenslandOn Wednesday 22nd July, twenty of our Year 10 students accompanied by Ms Appleby and Mr Amarandos participated in this year’s UQ Science Experience where they had the opportunity to meet professors and students from Science Departments. In the three practical workshops they completed, they gained valuable hands-on experience by undertaking aspects of first year university experiments.  A unique experience was offered by the University of Queensland and our students stepped up and gained an insight into university life which may guide them in their future decisions.
Senior Science Club
Student Wines WIN!The Senior Science Club has been meeting on most Friday mornings in the Science Hub, G26. During last term, the students made two white wines, a Sauvignon Blanc and a Chardonnay, as a real hands-on demonstration of fermentation.
Mr. Amarandos entered these wines into the Dayboro Show in early July and we are thrilled with the results, second place for the Sauvignon Blanc and first place for the Chardonnay, giving Wynnum State High School and our students the Championship in the White Grape Wine Class.
This term we are looking at making cheese again, a number of chemistry experiments and fruit wine.  If anyone has any fermentation/brewing equipment that they no longer use or want and are willing to donate it to the school, it would be greatly appreciated.
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