Senior Students Success


​Students in the Senior School have been working very hard over the last few weeks and a number of them have also achieved outside of the classroom. It gives me great pleasure to share some of these proud achievements with you.

Kim Hutchinson
Senior School Deputy Principal


On 9th July, 2017 I boarded a plane at Brisbane International Airport bound for Los Angeles. I race BMX bikes, and if you want to be successful in the sport the United States is exactly where you need to be. I had been in intense training all year and after a lot of successful results domestically in Australia I felt confident in competing internationally on one of the highest levels; the Las Vegas USA BMX Nationals. This event attracts competitors from all across the world due to its location and its incredible indoor track at the South Point Casino. The event started on July 13th, and was to run for the next three days (July 13th-16th). It was my first time ever racing a three-day event and in the 45 degree dry Nevada heat it would be tough for me to adapt but I was up for the challenge!
The first day of racing I had no expectations and I did all I could, and I managed to find myself in the main event (final) which is the top eight riders, exactly where I wanted to be. After a tough final against the best riders from all over the world I finished 6th. The second day of racing was a lot tougher. After successfully making the finals the day before I was keen to try and repeat, but unfortunately I missed out on the final by a single place/point. I was disappointed with this, but it made me want to end the event on a high note, and I did just that. After winning races and riding fast against tough competition I made my way into the final once again on the last day. My final race at the Las Vegas Nationals was a good one, and I managed to finish in the Top 5 and I was very happy with myself.
It was an experience I will not forget, and I am eager to race in the United States again as soon as I can. After the Nationals were over, I headed to San Diego where I was able to ride at the Official United States Olympic Training Centre in Chula Vista, California. I finished off my trip travelling the coast of California visiting places like San Francisco, Santa Cruz, Santa Barbara and Los Angeles visiting a handful of BMX tracks and being a tourist, seeing a lot of interesting places. After three weeks abroad, I flew home on 2nd August.

Lachlan Hethorn
Yr 12 student
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Last reviewed 08 May 2020
Last updated 08 May 2020