Senior Students Success Part 2


​Students in the Senior School have been working very hard over the last few weeks and a number of them have also achieved outside of the classroom. It gives me great pleasure to share some of these proud achievements with you.

Kim HutchinsonSenior School Deputy Principal

Adam Guthrie – 2017 Pierre de Coubertin Award recipient

Congratulations to our School Captain, Adam Guthrie, who has been awarded the Pierre de Coubertin Award for 2017. Adam has achieved this prestigious award through his outstanding sporting achievements and his demonstration of endeavours and ideals which are consistent with the Olympic movement.
Adam has trained hard over the last few years to become a successful triathlete. He has represented Met East on a number of occasions at State Championships, as well as competed strongly at a number of high level club competitions.
Adam wrote a poem titled ‘The Journey’ as a part of his application. The poem outlines the importance of hard work and dedication in order to determine our character and achieve our goals. As a successful athlete, and through achieving this award, Adam has certainly demonstrated the values highlighted in his poem.
Adam and his family should be extremely proud of this achievement, as should everyone at Wynnum High. We wish Adam all the best in his future sporting endeavours. He will be further recognised for this achievement at the Awards Night in Term 4.
The JourneyBy Adam Guthrie, Wynnum State High School
When we win we hold our heads high, When we lose we falter at our defeat,Yet to say all that matters is to win is a lie,Truly the pursuit is the greatest feat,
Through training and commitment,Friendships are created,Rivalries are forged,It is from here the spirit of competition is born,
Sheer dedication to the sport compels us to reach higher,Not the allure of the gold at the end of the rainbow,To better ourselves is the true reward,Not the victory over a friend or a foe,
It is not how much we win by that determines our character, It is the way we handle the trials on the path to the end,It is only in the loss that we question the path,Only in questioning the path, we see the fruits of our effort,
It is the journey that defines us, Not the glory that waits at the end,The dedication to the competition gives purpose,And with the purpose,With the friendships made along the way,With the struggles along the way,Our character shines through the light and we are triumphant.
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Last reviewed 08 May 2020
Last updated 08 May 2020