Valentine's Day 2016

Valentine’s Day 2016
The leadership team for 2016 had devised new strategies and also drew from old ones in previous years to create the best Valentine’s Day that the staff and students at Wynnum had ever seen.
We started advertising early, getting the word out that the special time of year was coming, and that the opportunity to buy your special someone a chocolate or flower was on the rise.  Wonderful posters were created that would soon be seen floating around school. Yet, that wasn’t enough – we also told everyone on assembly to come on down to the tuckshop and buy a chocolate or flower.
When we started taking orders on that first lunch break a week before the event, we got more people than expected. The students were lining up almost down past the tables! That following week was no different, there were students and staff lining up, and buying their chocolates and flowers for the whole time we were there. Once the final orders were taken, it was time to organise them and get them ready for the chocolates and flowers the next morning.
Our dedicated team gave up their time during the lunch break to organise all the cards into their house groups, and a few of us even stayed behind after school to finish them off. We all went home tired as anything, but we knew what we had to do the next morning.  All of us, the School Captains, House Leaders and Junior Secondary Captains, and some extra volunteers, came to school on that Friday morning at 7 am, eager to get this done. When the 200 flowers arrived, we knew it was “go-time”.
We all got to work getting the flowers and chocolates paired up with their respective cards, double checking that all the orders were correct, and before we knew it, we had finished it all. Now it was just time to wait for that first House Group bell to go so that we could make a mad dash around the school and deliver all the chocolates and flowers in only 10 minutes. It sounded crazy and impossible at first, but with sheer teamwork and determination from everyone involved, we completed our first major event at Wynnum High for 2016 with flying colours.
Taia GreenSchool Captain
Notes from Anonymous
The Valentine’s Day project. A day where we celebrate love in school. It was our first test as a team and most importantly as a group of friends. It tested our abilities as leaders, as team players and the level of dedication each individual had to the team. Did we do well or did we fall apart? Did I see a team or just a group of students.
What was displayed by each team member on this project was motivational and inspirational to me. Seeing a group of young, aspiring men and women working and communicating together gave me so much confidence in the potential and power of our team.
We are a big group of 20 members however we are already connecting, developing relationships, working and listening to each other. These qualities are crucial in a team. I watched for these qualities and tested each member throughout this project and saw that many already possessed these characteristics. I am particularly impressed with the efforts of our Junior Secondary captains and the execution displayed by the House Leaders. These students illustrated a great level of dedication from arriving early in the morning to sort out flowers and the making of the cards that came with each flower students ordered.
The captains also did a great job at the Valentine’s stall where they ordered students flowers, attracted customers with their fancy, red hats and their ‘pumping’ music from the 80s. I also saw leadership qualities in students who instructed and informed students where to deliver flowers and those who bought extra flowers to compensate for a miscount. 
This is a very capable team. A team keen to participate; a team devoted to this school. Our members this year have potential, vision and each have their own voice. I believe that these visions will come to fruition simply because the team is a team! This was only one out many projects to come but, from what I saw throughout this project there is nothing to be worried about.
Nathaniel Laurel (aka Anonymous)School Captain
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