What's happening in Junior Secondary


What’s Happening in Junior Secondary?

Winter Can Drive
On Friday June 18th, Junior Secondary Student Council will be hosting a free dress day.  The “fine” for not wearing a school uniform on the day will be a can (or more than one!) of food or other non-perishable food item (bags of pasta, rice etc.). The donated food will be collected and taken to FoodBank Queensland to be distributed to people in need this winter.  Food items will be collected at a    special Assembly.
Do we have a future Maroon at Wynnum High?Congratulations to Natiana Winikerei who has been selected in the U12 Met East Rugby League team. He will be competing in the State Championships June 26-30.  Best of luck Natiana!  We know you have been training hard!
Celebrating SuccessWe like to celebrate the successes of our students both at school and in their extra-curricular pursuits. If your child has achieved in a sporting or academic pursuit, in a community group event or any creative pursuit outside of school, please let us know and we will share this success with our school community. It’s really exciting to know and be able to see the variety of pursuits our young people participate in.
NAPLANWell done to our Year 7s and 9s who completed their NAPLAN testing in week 4.  All students committed to doing their best, fuelled by sausage breakfast on two of the mornings.  Thanks Chappy Greg and your BBQ team!  We look forward to receiving the results in Term 3 so we can reflect on student achievement and use the data to inform our teaching.
Pastoral CareThe focus in Pastoral Care this term is making healthy choices, developing resilience and building quality relationships.  In Year 7, students are learning about emotional intelligence and looking at how they can use their strengths every day as well as develop areas such as self-control and self-motivation. Year 8 students are learning how to deal with social pressure and maintain and develop their self-esteem. 
The focus in Year 9 is making healthy choices including nutrition to maximise learning and a media analysis of anti-smoking campaigns. Please read the articles attached to learn more about these programs.
One class in year 8 have used the hashtag technique to highlight their reflection and encouragement skills. One window of their A Block classroom has been transformed into a Twitter type screen.  Using the hashtag #toalittlerme, students in 8D have written messages of encouragement to their younger self and future students of Wynnum High.
Students in Years 7 and 8 have also been working towards their Laptop Licence.  The Licence signifies that a student can navigate their way around their laptop and the school computer network maximising the benefits of the 1:1 laptop program.  Laptop Licence holders receive a Laptop Licence key tag as recognition of their efforts.
Lisa Hawkin HOD Junior Secondary
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Last reviewed 08 May 2020
Last updated 08 May 2020