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​​Student Resource Scheme

Upon enrolment at Wynnum State High School, you are invited to join the Student Resource Scheme (SRS).  The SRS scheme operates under the policy and guidelines of the Department of Education and Training FNM-PR-018: Student Resources Scheme. The scheme is endorsed annually by the school’s Parents’ and Citizens’ Association and has, as its main function, the reduction in cost for parents of the purchase of texts and resources for the education of their children.  It is managed by the school and operated in accordance with Section 51 of the Education (General Provisions) Act 2006.

The SRS scheme represents excellent value for money for parents.  In 2023, the SRS fees are $275.00 per student. The scheme provides the following resources to students:

  • All textbooks - hard copy.  A digital copy of the Mathematics and Science textbook is also available to students who are in the laptop scheme
  • All printed class notes, booklets and worksheets
  • Library resources
  • Resource materials and equipment used in subject areas, for example, texts that form part of class sets and departmental resource collections that are supplied for use by students to supplement their principal texts
  • Basic consumable materials for all subject areas.  However, there are additional charges for some specific areas of studies which provide and require extra resources, for example, some of the Technology subjects. Students who are required to pay these charges will be issued with a separate invoice requesting payment
  • School ID card
  • Online subscriptions such as the Mathletics support program and other competitions relating to education

In addition to the SRS scheme fee of $275.00 from parents, the school receives, on behalf of parents, a textbook allowance from the state government. If you do not elect to join the SRS scheme in 2023, you are still required to return the Participation Agreement Form​, indicating your intentions.  Therefore, if you do not wish to join the scheme, you will be responsible for provision of all texts and resources for your child that would have been provided by the scheme. 

Once students have joined the SRS scheme, they are then able to also join the 1:1 Laptop program which the school operates.  The lease of the laptop is also $295.00 per year. 

The school offers a range of payment options including Cash, BPoint, EFTPOS Credit/ and Debit Card, Direct Deposit and Centrepay.  We are unable to accept payments over the telephone, however credit card payments can also be made via BPOINT on 1300 631 073.

Last reviewed 17 February 2023
Last updated 17 February 2023